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Damaged Credit 

GL Credit Repair aims to keep costs as low as possible. It is our goal to provide you with the best service to be found anywhere on the Internet, at an affordable cost.

If you have bad credit, consider the price that it is costing you. Chances are it is costing you substantially more than the cost to repair your credit. If you can eliminate the cost of your negative credit by using our services, then hiring us would prove to be a good investment.

The following examples are for illustration purposes only and individual results will vary:

Example 1: Automobile Financing
If you have a loan on an automobile, you are probably paying a higher payment because of your bad credit. This means an extra $4,000 to $10,000 in interest due to your credit circumstances. Please see the tables below.
$20,000 car paid over 5 years:
Credit status Rate Payment Cost of bad credit
Perfect 5% $377.42 $2,645.52
Mildly Damaged 12% $444.89 $6,693.30
Damaged 22% $552.38 $13,142.65

Example 2: Home Mortgage
Looking at the high cost of bad credit for a car loan lets look at a mortgage loan, which is a much larger amount and over a longer period of time. The difference here is high indeed. As you can see between perfect credit and damaged credit the difference is $140,236.62.
$100,000 home paid back over 30 years:
Credit status Rate Payment Cost of bad credit
Perfect 6.5% $377.42 $127,542.98
Mildly Damaged 9% $724.16 $189,667.92
Damaged 12% $1,021.61 $267,779.60

Example 3: Credit Cards
In general, persons with bad credit can't even get unsecured credit cards. And those who do usually must put up with initial fees, cash deposit requirements, high monthly payments, and/or low credit limits.

Bad Credit costs out weigh Credit Restoration fee.

Billing for services rendered on your behalf will be monthly for the previous months work, All payments to us will be either by credit card or bank draft. There maybe exceptions
by special approval from our administration dept only.

Assuming that you continue to use our services for 12 months you would pay a total of $479.40 By comparing the above tables (with a high interest car loan) you would recover the cost of our restoration fees in approx 4 ½ months. Taking the same tables (with a high interest home loan) you would recover our fees in approx 1 ¾ months.

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