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Our Prices 

GL Credit Repair fees

To get started there is a one time set -up fee of $250.00., this fee is for us to obtain your credit report from the credit bureaus, an initial consultation .  You would need to mail  a money order payable to GL Credit repair. Unlike other credit repair companies who only communicate via email, here at GL Credit Repair we contact you by phone to review highlighted negative items on your credit report. During this initial consultation our professional staff will review negative items of concern on your credit report and develop a plan to address these items, thereby restoring your good credit. Once you received your credit report  mail us a money order of $50/$80 per month for work performed by us on your behalf toward restoring your credit.

To put our fee in perspective, if you have a car loan that you obtained with poor credit, you would waste an amount equivalent to our total service fee in higher interest charges. With your home mortgage obtained with poor credit, you waste an amount equal to our annual service fee in just 1.5 months.

Service fees may be paid either by money order or cash. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that funds are available monthly to avoid disruption in service. 

GL Credit Repair warrants that if you do not receive significant results some or all of your service fees will be refunded.

Here are the costs (all amounts are in US Dollars):

$250.00 One Time Set-up Fee
$50.00/ $80/$100 Monthly per person until you are satisfied with your credit reports.

    Phone: (956) 523-0908